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Apple rejects AI disclosure proposal

Apple rejects AI disclosure proposal

On February 28th, 2024, Apple shareholders said no to a proposal asking the tech giant to share more about how it uses artificial intelligence (AI) and its ethical rules around it. This happened when people are talking more about AI’s good and bad sides, like unfair algorithms and losing jobs.

The proposal came from the AFL-CIO pension trust, wanting Apple to be more open about its AI use. They wanted details about where Apple uses AI, how it collects data, and how it prevents unfairness or misuse. They also wanted to know Apple’s rules for using AI.

But Apple said no to the proposal. They worried that sharing this info might help their competitors and hurt their future plans.

Although most shareholders agreed with Apple, a good number, 37.5%, supported more transparency on AI. This makes us think about a few things:

  1. Finding a Balance: It’s hard to balance between sharing enough info and keeping an edge in the tech world. While Apple doesn’t want to spill all its secrets, some think they could still share basic details without giving away too much.
  2. Addressing Worries: AI is getting more and more important in our lives. People worry about it being unfair or used in bad ways. If Apple ignores these worries, it could hurt how people see them.
  3. Leading the Way: Apple’s choice could affect what other tech companies do about AI. If they follow Apple, it might be harder to set rules for how AI should be used fairly and safely.
  4. Trying Other Ideas: Instead of just saying no, Apple could try other ways to make shareholders happy. They could make clear rules for themselves about AI, talk to experts on AI ethics, or share regular reports without giving away too much.

This fight over AI at Apple is just one part of a bigger conversation about using AI the right way. Even though Apple won this time, the push for more transparency and fairness in AI isn’t over. We’ll have to wait and see how Apple and others handle this tricky topic in the future.

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